Money Robot Reviews is special software made to make link building easier for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It helps people save time and energy by automatically creating links for their websites.

This software lets users send their content to different places online, like blogs, forums, and social media sites. Doing this makes links that can help a website show up better on search engines and get higher rankings.

Money Robot Review has important features like sending articles automatically, commenting on blogs, and saving pages on social sites. These features help users make really good links without having to do everything by hand. This saves a lot of time and makes the process of building links smoother.

So, Money Robot Submitter Review is the best link building software that takes away the manual work needed to make links online, making it easier for people to improve their websites visibility and rank better on search engines. 

What Makes Money Robot Review Outstanding

Money Robot Reviews can work with many different types of websites. Here is a list of the platforms where you can submit your content:

  • Article Directories
  • Web Directories
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Press Release
  • RSS
  • Social Network Posts
  • Forum Profiles
  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Wiki Articles

Money Robot Review’s Payment Options and Free Trial

Before explaining how to use Money Robot Review, let us first talk about its pricing. There are two ways you can pay for it. The first is to pay $67 every month. The second type is to pay $497 one time. The one-time payment is the better of the two options as it comes with a lifetime membership. However, if you are not sure yet if Money Robot Submitter Review software is right for you, it is recommended that you try it first with the monthly fee.

Money Robot Payment

Money Robot Reviews also comes with a 7-day free trial. This is what I think everyone must use. It lets you try and understand the tool before you finalize buying it.

Advantages Of Money Robot Review

Money Robot Reviews offers incredible benefits for boosting your SEO efforts. People who have started using it have seen remarkable results that leave them quite pleased. This tool stands out due to its complete automation from the beginning to the end of the process, something not all SEO tools possess. What sets it apart is its Spinning and Rewriting feature. This allows the generation of numerous unique content pieces for submission. Moreover, its Artificial Intelligence effectively imitates human browsing behavior and adeptly deals with several types of captchas. As a user, I have used it for establishing my Personal Blog Network. Since then, I have consistently enjoyed fresh submission lists for my unique articles.

Once you have taken the subscription and gone through all its functionalities, you will soon understand why this software is so recommended. The features available not only cover its price, but it also provides additional benefits that go beyond expectations.

Starting with Money Robot Review software is a smooth journey. There are several tutorial videos available across the web, including YouTube. It is regarded as one of the finest software in the world of SEO. There are many who even consider it something to be a secret weapon in their strategy for ranking higher. With its magnificent performance and utility, it is a must-have tool for anyone invested in optimizing their online presence.

In short, Money Robot SEO review streamlines the SEO process, offering unique content generation, unmatched automation, as well as seamless functionality. It is more like a game-changer that brings huge value to your SEO activities.

Setting Up Money Robot Review Software

The following are a few guidelines that will help you set up your Money Robot Review Software properly. 

Get a Quality VPS for better performance

  • You might be wondering what the need for a VPS is. VPS offers a separate IP address, improving performance.
  • Use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) instead of your computer.
  • Money Robot Review works 24/7; a VPS ensures continuous operation.

Considerations for Mac Users

  • Money Robot is designed for Windows, not Mac.
  • No Mac version of Money Robot is available.
  • Solution: Use a VPS to create a Windows-like environment for running Money Robot on a Mac.
  • Install Microsoft Remote Desktop on the VPS for access.

Money Robot’s VPS Service

  • Money Robot offers its own VPS service now.
  • Simplifies the setup process for using the software.

For maximum performance, invest in a good VPS to run Money Robot Submitter Review continuously. If you are using a Mac, a VPS will enable you to create a Windows environment and access the software. Consider using Money Robot’s VPS service for a streamlined setup.

Remember, a VPS ensures consistent performance and accessibility, making Money Robot Submitter more effective in creating web assets and generating high-quality links for your site.

Easy Steps With Money Robot Review’s Level Setup

When you start using Money Robot Submitter Review Software, the initial step after login is setting up a campaign. Think of this as building a structure with different levels, each serving a specific purpose in boosting your website’s visibility.

New SEO Campaign of Money Robot Submitter
  • Visualize three levels resembling floors in a building. The top-level signifies your main website or the heart of your online presence. The level below houses three Web 2.0 assets directly linked to your website. Finally, the lowest level consists of 12 Web 2.0 assets, which form the base foundation.
  • This level setup works as a linking system, transmitting authority and strength from one level to another. The assets on the lowest level connect to those on the middle level, and then, all assets on the middle-level link back to your main website. This way, your website gains advantage and ranking power from the interconnection of all these assets across every level.

Remember that the above structure is not rigid. You can have more than three assets on the middle level or more than 12 on the bottom level. The prime objective remains the same, i.e., establishing a framework where each level contributes to enhancing your main site’s visibility by passing on its link authority.

Money Robot Review: Campaign Setup Guide

Here is the money robot tutorial to help you. Start the campaign by giving it a name. Then, choose how you want to improve your website’s visibility. You can customize how different parts are organized and add your website link and the words you want to be found for. Money Robot Reviews can do more than just that – it can also put videos and pictures into your content, add links, and schedule when things get posted. 

Once you have done the setup, click on the start button to run the process. The software would do the rest of the processes. Also, try other things to see what works best for you. Also, making a few new accounts for each campaign could boost your site. Let us simplify setting up campaigns and find the best ways to excel.

  • Initiating Your Campaign: Start by selecting “New Campaign” and assigning it a name (e.g., “two”).
  • SEO Strategy Selection: Choose your SEO plan from the available options.
  • Customize Tier Structure: Tailor the tier arrangement to suit your specific needs, if desired.
  • Adding Your Money Page URL: Include the URL of your money page in the top tier.
  • Keyword Inclusion: Add the keywords you want to rank for in your campaign.
  • Utilizing Advanced Tool Features: Money Robot offers extended capabilities beyond article generation and submission:
    • Incorporate YouTube videos and images within your content.
    • Insert one or multiple links into articles.
    • Schedule article submissions.
    • Run multiple campaigns using a single account.
Additional Features of Money Robot
  • Configuration and Data Entry: Follow the on-screen step-by-step process to configure options and input necessary data.
  • Activating Your Campaign: Once the setup is completed, simply click on “start the campaign” to initiate the tool’s automated actions.
  • Experimentation for Optimization: Explore the various features available and conduct tests to determine the most effective strategies for your goals.
  • Maximizing Account Creation: Consider creating two new accounts per campaign to generate approximately 1000 new web 2.0s. Reusing these accounts can significantly boost your site’s authority.

By leveraging the tool’s functionalities, you can simplify the campaign creation process while focusing on refining your strategies to achieve better outcomes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Money Robot Review

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Money Robot Review


  • Skips usual and hard captchas easily
  • Makes submissions and account-making automatic
  • Simple to operate
  • Offers step-by-step tutorial videos
  • Reasonably priced
  • Provides templates for link-building


  • Not usable on MAC without a remote desktop
  • It needs a VPS for good performance
  • Submissions and indexing are slow
  • The user interface could be better.

Case Study 

After I bought the Money Robot subscription for a month, I quickly started using it on a PBN (Private Blog Network) I recently bought. I wasn’t actively building this network, and the website’s URL Rating (UR) was 13, and Domain Rating (DR) was 34, according to Ahrefs.

My plan was to use Money Robot to boost these numbers. Here’s what I did:

I made articles that focused on a specific market in Canada. My PBN was centered around this market, so I didn’t want to complicate things by changing the focus.

I chose keywords that weren’t very competitive and were longer phrases, which I knew would be easier to rank for.

Then, I used a specific diagram twice and made about 1000 new accounts. I reused these accounts about eight times in three days.

After around two and a half weeks, I noticed my site was ranking for about 20 new keywords. It wasn’t a lot, but it was a good sign that Money Robot was working.

When I checked the site’s URL on Ahrefs again, I found the UR was now 20 and the DR was 42. That’s a big improvement in just two and a half weeks. Two new links to the website seemed to have caused the increase in traffic and Ahrefs metrics.

After four months:

After adding Money Robot links to my PBN in November, what were the results?

From barely ranking for any keywords and getting zero traffic, it now gets over 40 visitors a month. Surprisingly, I had forgotten about the site for three months after writing about it. I didn’t do anything else that experts suggest for ranking, like social signals or diversifying links – I just focused on getting backlinks.

Final Words

Money Robot Review is a really good tool for getting an auto backlink program to your website. It is not a good idea to rely always on a software program for all your link building. But sometimes, when you require a bit more help with your websites, Money Robot Submitter Review would be the perfect choice.

It is easy to use because it has an easy and simple interface. It helps you in making a plan for building links. It is regarded as the best link-building software.

You can try it for a seven-day free trial. Many features in the software can really help you with your SEO while making your website easier to find on the internet. Money Robot Review makes it easier to get links for your website, which can make it more popular online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Money Robot Review stands out due to its comprehensive automation capabilities throughout the entire link-building process, a feature not usually found in other SEO tools. Its Spinning and Rewriting feature generates unique content pieces for submission, and its Artificial Intelligence mimics human browsing behavior efficiently while handling various types of captchas. These functionalities enable users to streamline the SEO process, making it a game-changer in optimizing online visibility.

Money Robot Review offers two payment options: a monthly subscription of $67 or a one-time payment of $497, which includes a lifetime membership. The latter is more cost-effective. Additionally, the software provides a 7-day free trial, allowing users to test its functionalities before committing to a purchase, a recommended option for those undecided about its suitability.

Advantages include seamless captcha skipping, automation of submissions and account creation, simplicity in operation, reasonable pricing, step-by-step tutorial videos, and link-building templates. However, limitations include incompatibility with MAC without a remote desktop, the requirement for a VPS for optimal performance, slow submissions and indexing, and a user interface that could be improved.

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